Under the wholesale we offer you products of brands where we are convinced that their quality of processing and didactic and motor value contribute to the meaningful development of children. You can read more information about our brands and their products below.

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Brands that we distribute in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Although we primarily distribute Montessori aids of all categories, we are not interested only in selling them, but mainly in raising awareness of Montessori way of upbringing and education, so if you are interested in this topic, you can get acquainted with them through our online online Montessori course.

These aids are named after the Italian teacher Maria Montessori, who, based on many years of research, decided to adjust the children's environment so that the children's mind and children's senses have resources from which they can gain knowledge and sensory perception. Montessori aids are kind of "textbooks" in which the children can try everything for themselves, they can "get hands on" the given concept. The educational value of each aid is very deep. Each aid isolates one qualitative attribute, making it easier for the child to master it. The aids introduce children to colors, sounds, music, the basics of future schooling, such as counting, reading and writing, but also to more complex things that even some adults often do not understand or can do.

The attitude to our planet is really important for us, and that is also related to the choice of materials and the way of making toys. That is why we are honored to have the opportunity to propagate companies such as the American company Safari Ltd., which is a worldwide distributor of educational ecological toys in the form of hand-painted models of animals, plants, buildings, life cycles or outdoor aids.

The main idea of Safari Ltd. is "learning through play". They design animal figurines so that they are completely authentic and their quality corresponds to reality as much as possible. Thanks to its manual processing, each product is unique. Considering the fact that new scientific knowledge is continuously discovered, the figurines are constantly updated, thus having a positive effect on the child's education in the field of nature and its protection. That's why they are very popular aids for educators around the world. With this concept, Safari Ltd. has earned a number of awards for promoting education and the importance of protecting the environment and endangered species.

The cooperation with the Thai company PlanToys is a matter of heart for us. Their high-quality toys encourage play, creative mind and they teach children about the world around us. For more than 30 years, the company has been using wood from rubber trees which no longer produce latex milk. The company buys this wood from farmers, for whom it has no longer any value, but also makes sure that new trees are replanted. It is through the use of these trees that the production is sustainable, ecological and, in addition, uses high-quality material. The manufacturing process is designed so that the use of solar energy and biomass saves maximum energy and no waste is produced.

PlanToys toys encourage play, creative mind and they teach children about the world around us. The company still inspires us with its 100% ecological commitment and human approach to its customers, employees and business partners.

The German company Goki is a very successful company on the global market, and it has a long tradition in its field. Under this brand you can find colorful toys made of high-quality wooden materials, which are good for motor and didactic development of children.

Goki manufactures toys with great responsibility and in cooperation with university pedagogical staff, which together with the high quality of the material guarantees that the company can be proud of frequent awards from the ranks of independent seals and marks of quality. By making toys, the company wants to achieve a varied life for our children, but in order to preserve it, it is also necessary to take responsibility for the activities we perform on our planet. That is also why Goki obtains wood from trees only from places where they can grow again, and participates in their replanting.

The English company Learning Resources is the world's leading manufacturer of innovative, practical educational aids that are appreciated both by parents and teachers, and children love them. High-quality products are distributed to more than 80 countries, where they are used by children in kindergartens, primary schools, but also in secondary schools.

The company understands its mission to support teachers and parents by providing them with unique, high-quality educational aids that enhance teaching and enable them to gain experience that meet the individual needs of children. Their various aids include play and learning activities or motor and board games. In addition, the company offers simple technological aids intended for teachers.

The Purple Cow was founded in 2000 in Australia. Although it is a relatively young company, it has already found its customers in 30 countries around the world.

It is a family business, which started with observation of their own children and an effort to create something special for them. Something they could use at home and outdoors, something they could take with them for the journey and at the same time something that would be attractive enough and distracted them, at least for a while, from the television, computer or mobile phone.

The Purple Cow decided to make their experiments and learning about the world available to children in the most fun way possible. Science kits "The Crazy Scientist LAB" enable children to become real scientific researchers with their own laboratory for at least a few hours, with the help of the enclosed material and a few things commonly available at home. Children will learn a lot of interesting knowledge, which they will use for everyday life, and enjoy the fun.

MagPad magnetic drawing tablets are a product of a Czech company. The tablets are designed for practicing the correct writing of letters, numbers or for free creation. They are composed of magnetic balls and are complemented with a pen. The children draw the line of a letter or number in the correct direction with a magnetic pen using the drawn arrows, or they can draw on a blank board at will. Thanks to the force between the magnets, the child feels and hears the magnetic balls jump towards the pen, thus creating the desired shape that the child had in mind. The tablet is not only an excellent teaching aid, but also fun for the children!

The French company SentoSphere was founded in 1989 by Mrs. Véronique Debroise, whose passion is fragrance. She sought inspiration all over the world and wrote several books based on her findings. Shortly after that she decided to design several olfactory games for entire generations. She enriched them with other games stimulating the remaining four human senses. She was well aware that western education was based primarily on teaching through the senses. This created games that stimulated smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight. In addition, experimental kits, which are a hit today, have been added over the years.

SentoSphere products have acquired many awards. Due to safety and quality control, the production still remains in France. Another reason is the emphasis on environmental protection, therefore the recycling of all waste and minimal air pollution is a matter of course, so 80% of raw materials and components used for making all products are produced within a distance of 400 km.

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