My name is Lucie. I am a mother of two wonderful children, Veronika and Jakub. It is the children who lead me, like most mothers, in a direction that would not have crossed my mind before. After studying international relations and diplomacy, I thought that I would continue only in non-profit activities somewhere in the developing world, which I did for many years while studying ( But the journey took me a little bit somewhere else…

Looking for the way...

After the birth of my son Jakub, I was looking for… Maybe I was looking for myself in the role of a mother, maybe I was looking for inner strength to cope with the pressure of society and my surroundings that I felt in topics as simple as lulling the baby to sleep, breastfeeding or respecting approach to upbringing. There weren't that many mothers in my neighbourhood or among my friends, so I started reading a lot, attending seminars, meeting people who were on the same wavelength with me and my husband about the subject of parenthood. Then we came across Montessori. After reading perhaps all books by Maria Montessori and many others who also wrote on this subject, we were sure that this was exactly the path we wanted to take and which we had already embarked on… In the following several years I completed many courses, seminars, workshops and trainings, both Czech and international, on this topic. During this time I started writing a blog, where I clarified my thoughts for myself and shared them with my loved ones. Through the blog I had the opportunity to meet many great people and I am very grateful for that to this day! And probably thanks to the blog I also got the opportunity to start this e-shop… Many mothers complained about the unavailability of Montessori aids and their high prices. So I decided to try to bring some aids to the Czech Republic by myself.

Import of Montessori aids and start of the e-shop...

After many mistakes and stumbles, we managed, after great efforts, to find a factory that produced aids in conditions that suited us, with all the certificates we required and at prices that were acceptable to us. I distributed the first aids from the living room of a block of flats in the Prague suburbs directly to my friends, who ordered them three months in advance. After the first import came another… and then the interest was such that my husband and my father-in-law (who believed in me so much that he financially helped me to get started) decided to really set up this e-shop and rent a warehouse. The subsequent interest pleasantly surprised us and we started to grow… After the first year of selling exclusively Montessori aids, we added wooden toys from Czech companies to our range of products as well. Subsequently, we also started importing from Germany… Every time I chose toys that I would take home for my children - toys that made some sense to me. I always wanted us to sell only high-quality things that would suit both children and their parents. I was looking for companies that met my ideas about environment-friendly production, meaningfulness and educational nature of toys. After less than two years, we moved the warehouse from the original space (former drying room in a block of flats) in Prague to larger premises in Kolín and we were looking for the first employee to help with the expedition.

Start of wholesale

During 2013, we started importing replicas and aids from the USA from Safari Ltd. From this company we also received exclusive distributorship, and thus began a new chapter of our business journey - wholesale. During that year, we started distributing Montessori aids to other stores.

With the year 2014, PlanToys entered our lives - a company that still inspires us with its 100% ecological commitment and human approach to customers as well as employees and business partners. Personally, it makes me sincerely happy and I am honored to be able to represent this company on the Czech and Slovak markets.

During 2016, in addition to our Montessori aids, we also started selling designed aids from Nienhuis Montessori. We have also added several brands to our wholesale portfolio and slowly, step by step, we grow a little every year.

Today, with 9 beautiful, smart, nice and smiling women who have become a part of our team in recent years, we are creating something I only dreamed of a few years ago. I am extremely grateful for the work of the whole team and I appreciate each of these women.

It makes us very happy to help parents and teachers find toys and aids that make sense. It makes us happy to sell things we believe in.

We help and we want to help more…

Thanks to my experience with the construction and operation of schools in Kenya, I know how difficult it is to get support for projects that are far from our European world. And that is why I am grateful that, thanks to our customers, we can help other who cannot afford to buy from us.

I am grateful that we have reached a point where non-profit organizations can turn to us for help and we can accommodate them. I firmly believe that in the future we will be able to increasingly support meaningful projects.

Write us...

We also perceive our activities as a mission and pleasure for all of us. We enjoy what we do. We are happy to help create a slightly nicer home for our children, in which they will feel good and in which they can fully develop their abilities. We want to improve. We want to meet the needs of our customers as much as we can, as long as it is still in line with our vision of how we want to do things. Therefore, if you have any suggestions, experience or questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of us.

If you are from Kolín or the surrounding area and would like to become a part of our team, you can also contact us, maybe we will find common ground! :-)

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