List of products by brand Albi

Albi was founded more than 20 years ago, with the mission to enhance the human ability to have fun, be playful and the ability to express deep feelings. This idea was brought to fruition in 1991, when two university students decided to start selling postcards at Old Town Square. A major break-point happened when they included retro-styled postcards into their line, with motifs by Josef Lada and the First Czechoslovak Republic, followed by humorous birthday cards, whose popularity proved, that apart from oxygen, we also need laughter in our life.

What followed, was an era of developing games, that was when the Albi team refused to be resigned to the idea that we could only play the Czech variation on Monopoly. The team looked all around the world for their inspiration, making variations of games suitable for the Czech sense of humour. Those that we were still missing, they started to mastermind and test on themselves and their close friends and family. Today, Albi has successfully expanded to Slovakian and Polish markets, but remains a Czech company at heart.


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