List of products by brand Aladine

AladinE has been founded in Paris in 1985. The company originally sold stationery and wax stamps. Growing public interest in the so-called Scrapbooking (making one's own photo-albums from scraps), inspired the AladinE in 1996, to create their first original line of rubber stamps. In 2004, thanks to their innovative products and thanks to them introducing creative sets for scrapbooking, AladinE became a major European manufacturer of decorative stamps, with particular focus on wedding stamps and child-birth stamps. And from there, it was just a small step, to start creating stamps for children.

In 2008, AladinE first introduced big stamps for children to the marketplace. This line was called Tampominos/StampoMinos. It was a collection of big pictures, designed to inspire children to be creative and to expand the realm of their fantasies. Innovative combinations of big and small pairs of stamps, blank clock faces, big numeral symbols and the alphabet, allows children to broaden the potential of their creativity as well as their other abilities. It also prepares them for school, in a playful way.


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