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Pikle is a joint project of two action-packed ladies, Jana and Jitka, who found one another, to lay the foundation for their dream project. The source of Jana's inspiration, as she puts it, is the limitless imagination of children. She strives to explore all she sees around her. She likes to examine where things are from, how and where they were made and who manufactured them. When she creates something, her goal is always, to cheer somebody up. She admires everybody, who does an honest day's work, without thinking only about himself or herself all the time.

On maternity leave, Jitka realized that it is wonderful to be with and around children and to create something for them. She therefore decided not to return to her previous job but instead, to give her playfulness and creativity an opportunity to run wild. First, she started a blog about expressing one's creativity on a cutting plotter, but then she met Jana and things started to happen fall into place. Her little suitcases, her enthusiasm and her overall attitude towards life, inspired Jitka, and so pretty soon, their joint dream started to take shape - an on-line shop with Czech designer toys made from natural materials, which would really entertain the kids. Toys, that even the adults will strive to preserve, even though the cellar is already bursting in the seams.


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