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Duhová Kočka (Rainbow Cat) is a line of signature creations of Lucie Ernestová. What attracts Lucie, is the exploration of both inner and outer worlds. She says, that the most innovative creation of her lifetime, are the motivational cards for kids and adults alike, with themes based on sayings of life wisdom. She develops and manufactures fun and educational games for children. Her main source of inspiration are her sons, and the ambition to teach them all she knows and continues to learn.

As she says herself: "I like, when the kids are laughing and it's a grat source of inspiration for me to see what they are giggling at. I try to fit into the run of my games, little cues to nice little word battles and also some easy points to think about and educate oneself" We think that her efforts are succeeding!

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Duhová kočka

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