List of products by brand insect lore

This Californian company was founded by Carlos White, etymologist working with insect for the agricultural sector. Throughout his career, he learned how to obtain insects and to make artificial nourishment for them. In 1965 Carlos asked himself: "Wouldn't it be wonderful, if kids saw, from close-up the astonishing metamorphosis of butterflies?" It was a revolutionary concept: The customer could purchase an educational kit, which contained the living habitat of a butterfly and a certificate. He will then send this certificate to the "Butterfly Garden" Insect Lore, and in return, they'll get the live caterpillars.

Insect Lore now specializes on many innovative educational tools for young students, which had brought science into the lives of many classrooms. Their goal is, to provide to the children a friendly and practical introduction to the life of insects, their metamorphosis, entomology, and some knowledge about their life cycle.

In 1999, Insect Lore co-operated with NASA on an experiment, where the company supplied caterpillars to the Columbia Space Shuttle. The aim of this mission was to ascertain, whether the butterflies can do their metamorphosis in zero gravity. The result was, that all the butterflies ended up successfully aboard Columbia!"


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