List of products by brand Kidedu

Kidedu My Day is an original didactic game for children, its creator is Štěpánka Vontrobová. The game takes inspiration from the Montessori principles of pedagogy and structured learning. The game is a children's version of an adult's TO DO list, and is being used in hundreds of households and kindergartens. Why should a child have this kind of task-list, you ask? The answer is in these two words - STRUCTURE and VISUALISATION. The entire system of this game creates in the kid's mind an ability to find his/hers bearing in the flow of time, and to organize his/hers day. Thanks to the visualisation of the every day routine actions, the child learns to manage them on its own, without any help or reminders from the parents. Sorting the activities into time blocks (stories), invigorates the fantasy and cultivates the kid's ability to express ideas and stimulates the memory.

Štěpánka says about her game: "I like non-toxic, eco materials, and so the wood has no surface treatment. Simply, it's a nice oaken stand. The baggies are from coloured cotton, with a certificate from OekoTex, and the cards are printed on cardboard. No plastics, metals, or even the sometimes feared, magnets. This is not made in China. There is nothing to swallow, nothing to cut oneself by. Kidedu simply smells of wood and love."


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